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Choosing your style of tattoo.

There are as many tattoos as there are styles and choosing your tattoo style is one of the first things you should thing about, and Tattoo planner can help you in this process.

Traditional or old school, Asian, Black & Grey, New School, Bio-mech, polynesian and text/script tattoos. Each of these types of tattoos have several sub-styles to be concidered as well. 

Since this can be very overwealming, Tattoo-Planner help you out in this process to discuss your ideas, come with suggestion based on experience, trends, traditions, meanings and a lot of other factors that you should take into concideration when you are choosing the masterwork in the making. 

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Every artist have have their own style.

Before you do decide to get a tattoo from a specific artist make sure you know the style that they are most passionate about. This is one of the most crucial and also most time consuming factors in the whole process of getting that special tattoo


Tattoo-planner helped me get the perfect tattoo, with their knowledge of the local tattoists. It was not only the perfect journey for me since I do not have to much time on my hands to do the research. Tattoo-planner assisted me in the whole process.

I could not be happier with their consultantcy.

Paddy Jackson Tombola INC

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3D-Tattoo done for one of our clients