Our idea about tattoo planning

Our idea of tattoo planning

Any person who have had a unique and special tattoo knows how long time it takes to do all the research, and try to find the right artist, motive, color and so on to both fit your idea and also the type of person you both are and will become.

This is where we come in. We have vast experience in planning and researching tattoos at various different artists, tattoo-conventions, online research and interaction with tattoo artists in various places in the world.

One very important aspect before you get the tattoo, is finding the right artist, and since most artists are very passionate about a certain style or type of tattoos, its important that you will get in touch with the right artists to discuss and plan the idea that you have.

This is our idea of tattoo planning as a service for you and if you still want to research more about our information you can read and subscribe to our blog "The ink bucket".

This is what we offer

  • Assisting in the planning stages motives and designs
  • Assisting in the planning stages of positioning
  • Assisting in finding the best suited artist for the style
  • Assisting in planning the financial aspect.
  • Assisting in planning the timing
  • Short and sweet, we help you get the tattoo you always wanted.

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Our idea about tattoo planning