How does society judge tattoos and the stigma against them.

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How does society judge tattoos?


In this series of blogs, I wanted to express various views, among them my own around the stigma through time and why there still is a diversity of opinions around tattoos. Before I made up my mind about getting my sleeves started I was honestly in thought of how tattoos could impact both my career going forward and also how they are perceived by people around me. I made a choice to have 3/4 sleeves done so that I could "cover" them with a normal long sleeve shirt. Living in Ireland and fortunately working for a company that have a very liberal view on peoples right to express them selves with tattoos is very comforting. During my first day I deliberately wore a long sleeve shirt, to make sure that I would not "offend" anyone, but soon found out that tattoos as well as ethnic origin and a multiple of other political and social "hot potatoes" simply do not exist in my workplace. Lucky me I suppose.


So how does society judge tattoos? I guess that I personally have been very lucky not to have been exposed to any discrimination in my life that I can remember, until very recently. Not to go into details about this incident, I was actually more shell shocked that people who know nothing about me, or what I do for a living,  would whisper and point at me behind my back, not thinking I would either hear or see them, than get offended.


My point being, and it is my firm belief that everyone have the right to be who they are, express themselves with tattoos, body art, style of clothing and what ever else there might be that can fall under "being who you are".

I personally have not experienced discrimination either in my workplace or in a personal level until the recent incident. People rather approach me and ask about my tattoos that i wear with pride, out of curiosity and even in admiration at times. The old expression "Be art - Get a tattoo" might be right, but my only advise is - be smart about it. I researched for about two years beofore I got my first sleeve started, and here are a few pointers.

So how does society judge tattoos in other parts of the world? how are they perceived now and through time? How does it affect a persons Career? There are many questions and many ideas of answers in these topics, and every person have the right to have their own opinion. Since I am a firm believer in not pushing my opinions on to others, I would only like that people that are against something that makes us "who we are" keep their opinions to them selves, unless I ask for them.

In the next blog about "how does society judge tattoos" I will dive in on the different questions that I had myslef, and also walk in time to take a look on different places view on tattoos, and why.


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