Top Tattoo Trends 2016 that we like.

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This is our top five list of  the top tattoo trends 2016 that we want to keep an eye on.


Cubism Tattoos 

Cubism may be a painting style that was created by Pablo Picasso during the early 20th century, but did you know that it’s also a growing tattoo style? In recent years, tattoo artists like Sasha Unisex have modified this painting technique for the skin and have created one of the most in-demand styles of today. Sasha Unisex’s tattoos rely on the general principles of cubism, using blocks of color to shape exquisite portraits of animals and flowers. Many artists have borrowed from her style in their own work. Unisex’s tattoos have gained popularity globally because they are undeniably feminine and unique in their execution. We have seen other artists use cubism in tattoos to get the same graphic effect and it is likely that in 2016, cubism will only continue to grow in popularity.

Geometric Tattoos 

Geometric tattoos have surged on social media and you have artists such as, Corey Divine and Thomas Hooper to thank for that. Geometric tattoos stray away from the familiar styles like American traditional or realism, bringing something new to the table. On social media platforms like Instagram, we have seen an increased amount of tattoo enthusiasts turning to this style—it has even made it’s way onto the skull of Benji Madden. The geometric style allows the artist to create a 100% unique pattern that can be executed into both small-scale pieces and full body designs. This style isn’t going anywhere.
top tattoo trends 2016

Surrealism Tattoos

Another tattoo style which has risen in popularity is surrealism. Despite being based off of a classic artistic movement, the style of surrealism tattoos is actually quite broad. A surrealism tattoo can encompass realism, black-and-grey, and abstract styles. This style expands our imagination and uses irrational juxtapositions of creative imagery in every design. Dare to dream with your new ink in 2016 .

Optical Illusion Tattoos

Similar to surrealism tattoos, optical illusion tattoos play with your imagination, but what separates them is that optical illusion tattoos are executed to trick the eye into thinking that the design has three dimensional depth or is moving. One artist in particular that nails optical illusion tattoos is Jesse Rix. His tattoos look like they are emerging out of the skin. Other optical illusion tattoos are constructed using geometric pattern work or bio-mechanical designs that bring steampunk to the skin. This style has been in demand over the past few months and it will easily be one of the most popular styles for 2016.
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Maximilian Wensbo

Written by Maximilian Wensbo