Will a tattoo affect your future career?

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Will a tattoo affect your future career?


Tattoos and work life is a delicate topic that invoke opinions from all types of people, and the opinions are very diverse.

This E-book will look into a few of the topics that can be of interest prior to getting a large visible tattoo.

Tattoos have different meaning to different cultures, out of both historical and cultural background, This means that there is a lot of stigma around tattoos in society, and to find out more you can go to this blogpost.


I want to remind that the opinions expressed in this e-book is the authors own, and data collected might not be 100% accurate.


  1. Can a tattoo affect your future career?
  2. Tattoo tolerance and age.
  3. Motives and placement.



Can a tattoo affect your future career?


Short answer to this is Yes, it can, but doesn’t mean that it has to. In the authors own experience and work life this has not been an issue as of today, but very much depending on what your future career will be it might be worth thinking it through carefully. In a lot cultures, tattoos are associated with criminals and prisoners, and even though there is clear connection with both modern and past organized crime factions such as the Yakuza in Japan and the Russian Bratva, there is a rising interest and fascination with tattoos in general.


The Yakuza tattoos are rarely shown even though the movies want us to think differently, and the tattoos are made by hand, by master tattooists in the traditional Japanese style.

The Yakuza tattoos are made to show that the person getting them can withstand pain, have patience and are willing to devote themselves to the clan’s cause.


The Bratva tattoos have a more intricate meaning and every tattoo have a specific story to tell. I would very much give the advice to research these motives before getting any tattoo done, and explanation is probably not necessary.


Tattoos that are visible or not easily hidden, can affect your future career, or changing your career-path, so our only advice is: - BE SMART about it. If you are a tattoo-artist or a musician I would say knock yourself out with tattoos on hands, neck and fingers. Getting such tattoos in other careers could be hurting your chances of promotion or even go against different dress-codes or codes of conduct in the workplace. It is unfortunate but true. A tattoo can affect your future career.


2. Tattoo tolerance and age


There is a clear connection between the age of a person and how they perceive people with tattoos. This is probably a reminiscence from times past, where people with tattoos were automatically associated with certain types of people, that was “looked down upon”.


If we take the tattoos in Japan as an example, there is reason why people historically associate tattoos with criminals, and tattoos have been banned in periods of time, where only prisoners and criminals got tattooed to show that they were convicted criminals.

This historical events in combination with the Yakuza is a very good reason, why people, they older they are in Japan, associate tattoos with criminals.


In the United States alone there is an estimate that about 45 million people have at least one tattoo, where the military is leading the pack with 36% of people tattooed.


Percentage in different careers with tattoos.


will a tattoo affect your future career




 3. Motives and placement.


Regulations in place today, entitle companies to ban tattoos on the face and tattoos that are “extremist, indecent sexist or racist”. This is quite logical to us, and please think it through before you get that tattoos on the side of your neck.

Again we refer to the United States, that have several laws in place to secure equal employment opportunities, but that very law does not extend itself to the tattooed.

No matter how common body modifications are, society at large unfortunately still hasn’t evolved past judgment – and while the norms are shifting, it is happening slowly.

The way we present ourselves is the first thing any potential employer will see, and as much as we all put people in brackets due to how we perceive them, so do the employers.


Again, our advice is… BE SMART about it. If you are getting a sleeve done, make it a ¾ sleeve, so that a long sleeve shirt will cover it. Don’t get that big panther on the side of your neck, unless you are sure it will not impact your career, and the same goes for hand or knuckle tattoos. Many artists will strongly advice against such tattoos even though they them selves have or might have them. Remember, they are tattoo artists, and unless you are one think about this. Will a tattoo affect your future career?! 

Well Vladimir Franz might be a very good exeception, but again, be smart about it.


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